With the constant changes in technology, it becomes necessary to be updated in terms of technology.  Installing many apps and programmes may gradually slow down your PC performance thereby making you feel down while working on your PC.  Slower performance may sometimes create stress and tension while working on it.  It is necessary to check and validate the various applications in your system, identifying the unwanted applications and files in order to improve the working efficiency in the system.  If you want to update the latest software’s and applications, you can download the apps from the itube for your PC here.  Let us see the various tips in order to improve the PC performance in Windows 10;

  • Update the Software: Always try to gather information regarding the latest trend and technology in the current scenario.  If there is any software up gradation, try to analyze the pros and cons of installing that software in your system and update it.
  • Delete Unwanted Software and files: Even if you are not satisfied with the latest software and still you have a problem in working of your system performance, you can check the unwanted applications and files which slow down your PC.  Identify those applications and delete or disable them.  This will enable your PC to get enough memory and space.
  • Uninstall the unwanted start-up applications: Check for the start-up applications which are useful and which ones are not useful.  After identifying them, disable or uninstall the applications.  This will help you to work better on your PC.
  • Choose the applications: Always choose the applications wisely and smartly in which your major choices should improve the performance of your PC.  Those applications after a complete analysis of the usage, space required, pros and cons, install it in your PC for increased performance.
  • Upgrade a drive and memory: If there is a necessity prevails, upgrade your drive and memory so that your PC may work faster than ever.  Upgrading your drive and memory will help you to store many files for future reference.
  • Protect with advanced software: Concentrate also on your protection software against viruses and any malware functions.  The virus and malware functions may trouble you at times.  It is better to protect your software with the Anti-virus software.
  • Reset your PC: If you think it is the time to reset your PC, does it with some precautionary steps of storing your valuable information in your PC.