Did you know staying healthy does not require any investment but only the right attitude and will power? Here are a few ways that can be followed by one and all to achieve not only a fit body but also a fit mind.

  1. Positive thinking: The ‘Nay” Sayers will call this a humbug but it has been proven scientifically that those who own a positive attitude are happier and healthier. Come on, you do agree that when you are happy your body feels good and you tend to fall sick less.
  2. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits: A diet rich in natural fruits and vegetables provides the essential fiber to the body along with minerals and vitamins. When your gut is in good hands you can be assured your health is secure and safe.
  3. Exercise: Just walking is sufficient to make you feel upbeat and keep your physical frame in good condition. There is enough literature online on how walking daily boosts your immune system and keeps high blood pressure and diabetes in check. Of course, if you love exercising you can do just about anything to be active and on the move.
  4. Hydrate: Did you know that the human body is made up of 60% of water. Without water, all your vital organs will be under stress and your blood circulation will be affected. Isn’t it the simplest thing to just pick up a glass of water every time you are thirsty?
  5. Sleep: Bombarded by content on electronic screens and via print media, your brain cells need rest; they need time to rejuvenate and regenerate. A good night’s sleep will do wonders for your physical and mental health. Don’t neglect it at any cost.

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