Drones today are more than just toys for the adults who love tech. There are utilitarian drones deployed in several places. Drones have been used in distributing relief items during a disaster. They have been used to monitor dense forests for poaching and other illegal activities or even warn the officials about forest fires at an early stage. All of these uses of drones have been due to the addition of new features on the existing ones. Drones have gotten bigger and better. And there are places where they have gotten smaller and lighter. Irrespective of the purpose for which the drone has to be used it is easy to find one today. If you are looking to buy a new drone to add to your collection or if you are buying one for the first time, visit dudewhereismydrone website. Here you would find plenty of detailed reviews about the popular drones. Here are a few technology improvements that would make the drones of tomorrow so much better –

  1. Mesh network

From a stage where there is one controller controlling one drone, we have come to a situation where there are drone networks. Multiple drones could be connected to create one network. Drones can communicate with one another if they are in the same network. This allows one drone operator to control more than one drone at a time.

  1. Autonomous flight

BVLOS or beyond visual line of sight is possible today and drones can fly farther from the line of sight. This is the tech that allows drone operators to perform surveillance in inaccessible areas.

  1. Computational power built-in

There are some drones that do not just capture audio and video files but can also process them based on some built-in processing ability. This allows drones to transmit sensitive information directly to the user.…