Many times what we learn in school is not what we apply to our career or corporate life. This question more has a satirical tone to it because more often we find that the actual learning happens when we start our career. The learning and training in school and college are like a stepping stone into a whole new world of challenges and competition. It is up to us how we convert these challenges into opportunities for the betterment of self and the society at large.

Modern Architecture

Being from an accounting background does not leave me with much information to dwell further on this subject. I decided to loan a few ideas from my sister who is an accomplished engineer. Architecture has always been like rocket science to me but it has always fascinated me. My sister has always been a great fan of architecture. The historical monuments have been something that has drawn her attention a lot. She says, in today’s world driven by technology, the professionals in this field have access to some of the most amazing applications that can re-create what is on their mind. This has changed the way the architectural design industry works. The advancement in technology sometimes makes us obsolete if we are not updated with the latest versions. This is one of the main changes students encounter when they complete their studying and are ready to take on their careers.

Understand the nuances of modern technology

All that we learn in Architectural school is perhaps lessons on structural drawings, the creative process and the basics of presentation. When at work, what we get to see is the digital versions of these lessons. The fact is that the basics remain the same. The modern versions are only a digital adaptation of the theoretical lessons that were part of the curriculum. This understanding will end the ambiguity around the use of the advanced technology. Most of the applications come with user-friendly interfaces that also provide demo versions on how to use it. The top property marketing companies have been widely using the 3D technology combined with digital art to advertising their innovative designs and interiors.