While buying for a car, recently, I was reading up a lot of tech relating stuff:

My husband who thinks that I am not too auto tech savvy was surprised that I was asking him way too many things. Sometimes he was at a big loss for answers and I must confess that this wonderful site called https://247spares.co.uk has been able to give me a complete lowdown on all that I needed to know. Also, it has a comprehensive list of technology that has been a breakthrough.

I enjoyed reading that article and I thought that a summary of it would be a great experience for all of you!

  1. The radar at the tail:

Okay, I must tell you that my parallel parking skill is not one of the best and I am always s not very confident about parking my car parallel but of course with space constraints in the city and the fear of getting an expensive parking ticket, life has not been too easy. This radar at the rear of the car beeps if you get too close to an obstruction. Save time and a lot of money!

  1. Night vision light!

Especially if you are a night driver. It helps you to recognize things faster, potholes, hydrants, trees, pedestrians everything there!

  1. Beam control lights:

Helps in alerting the oncoming car especially in times of blackout or heavy rains or when the street lighting is not sufficient.

  1. Parental speed control:

This one saves the kids’ lives, quite literally. It locks up the maximum speed.

  1. GPS Tracker:

Wow for technology. No more stopping to ask for directions and getting misled and not to forget going around in circles and wasting time!

  1. Cameras:

This one is important because if you cannot see what’s in the rear they come in handy.

  1. Internet:

Digital mobility – well who can stay without it anymore?

  1. GPS for tracking vehicles:

In case you have parked and forgotten or your children have taken the test drive too far, this comes handy.

  1. Temperature control:

This one is basically an improvement. It only becomes better with times!