From department store to luxury boutique there emerges a significant change in the digital revolution. Remind the key things from digital marketing and tech perspective.

1) One to one relationship is possible at scale

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are found to be important in the personalization. Significant uptake will be in the next year, building customer services. Every owner of the shop knows that this is one tone basis and this is the outcome of this theory. It makes the experience more by the constant learning.

2) The bots will arrive                    

In recent AI is widely used in the messaging space. Burberry, Nordstrom and American eagle are the luxury and the beauty brands having experience with the bots. By learning only the software will improve as the brand to this nailing into a channel.

3) Frictionless mortar retail will become an expectation

The campaign has been made by the customers and there is an increase in the technology and enabled more frictionless shopping style exactly like in louis vuitton replica bags. What is the consumer’s expectation is they want their products quickly and easily and this facility is provided by the Amazon go.

4) Designing for the voice interface

Increased focus is on the voice in the internet of things. This is another platform for the interaction with the services through the smartphone. It is predicted that by the year 2020 al the searches on the internet will be through voice or by using images instead of using text.

5) Digital realities will steam forward

There is an emerging tech so there is no missing of anything of the virtual. Retail is the first industries to be affected by this tech and already the fashion, luxury and beauty space. Digital realities are extremely helpful to the business and the shoppers.

6) Bock chain in vernacular business

The blockchain is a technology which is popular in the field of fashion, acts as a tool for branding and marketing. It provides security to the luxury goods sector.

7) The need for a live strategy

The new concept live video was popular in the Facebook, Instagram, and twitters, especially in the market. It made a significant advantage and benefit for the cosmetics.

8) Shift to visceral experiences

Both the digital-enabled online and offline experiences come to the visceral. Fashion brands and the department store has removed the term store and named as town squares.