Everyone wants to become health conscious and also started focussing on many things like eating habits which should be more healthy and nutritious, focussing on the physical workouts like tracking his or her intensity of the workouts, amount of calories to be burnt, duration of the workouts, pounds to shed to lose weight and so on.

Apart from this, many people also started to concentrate on the beauty tips and different benefits derived from eating the foodstuffs etc.  The holistic board holisticboard.org offers suggestions to all your problems right from the health care tips to the workouts and it helps you to gain some knowledge on various aspects.

The following are some of the three important diary apps in order to track macros like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats;

  • Nutritionist: This app helps you to find the perfect food items to be taken for each day and helps you to sort out the menu which is highly nutritious which should be included in your diet and which food items should be excluded.  This app is best for the starters who want to be cautious in taking the nutrition in the required amount and this will help them in a great way to calculate on the macros yet to be consumed as a part of daily requirements.
  • My macro+: This app has been designed in such a way that it highlights the macros still you are required to consume it in a day.  It just shows the number of macros like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you have consumed right from the morning to till now so that you can think out the option of eating a remaining amount of macros still your body requires.
  • My fitness pal: This app helps you to ascertain the amount of calories intake as well as the number of calories that have been burnt by the body.  It also helps to know the amount of Macros intake and the process of breakdown these macros which will help you to understand better about your body.